Meet Len

Len Legsworth may look like your average spider but this Christmas he goes on an attic adventure that changes his life forever.

Join Len and his new found friends on a magical journey as he learns the greatest gifts are often the ones we already have inside.

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“Two hooked kids who want it again tomorrow. It’s brilliant!”

— Mel Walker

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“A book is a dream you hold in your hands.” — Neil Gaiman

Ruth Watson is a copywriter and storyteller living in the UK. You’ll find her running design studio Raw with her partner Rob, working on new stories, or playing with postures in her yoga teacher training.

Andy J. Miller is a commercial artist living & working in Columbus, Ohio. He is most known for his side projects & books: The Indie Rock Coloring Book, the collaborative Color Me _____ exhibit with Andrew Neyer and his Creative Pep Talk podcast.

Portrait of Ruth Watson
Signature of Ruth Watson
Portrait of Andy Miller
Signature of Andy Miller

Spider Stats

You’ll find Spiders on every continent of the world except Antarctica. It’s not easy keeping eight legs toasty.

Spider Stats

Spider silk webs are five times stronger than a strand of steel that’s the same thickness. A spider silk web as thick as a pencil could stop a Boeing 747 jumbo jet plane in flight!

Spider Stats

A spider has no bones. Instead it has something pretty cool called an exoskeleton, which is like a suit of armour that protects its body.

Spider Stats

Some female spiders will eat the male after they’ve mated. Making babies is hungry work!